• Aminizle plays League of Legends on EU West.
  • Aminizle was awarded a Teemo Statue by Riotgames for his outstanding standing among the League of Legends community.
  • Aminizle is a type of aminal that loves Tibbers.
  • Aminizle was never invited to any of Annie's tea parties. 
  • A brand new skin always makes Aminizle grin like a Cheshire cat, and quite giddy. 
  • Aminizle has played through all five chapters of The Walking Dead game from Telltale, but forgot to turn on his microphone on the final chapter.
  • Head of the family.
  • His motto is: Have fun or I feed.
  • Favorite champions: Amumu, Maokai, Heimerdonger, Teemo


  • Aminizle's wife.
  • Famously known for sniping kills as Sona and Lux.
  • Commonly praised for her cakes and sandwiches.
  • It's said that once in a million games she has a foul language rampage that sound like the King's Speech's scene [1] [Recorded proof]
  • Her main role is Support, she is inexperienced but a very good Support player.
  • Bullies Sypueria on daily basis.
  • Her favorite support are Sona, Lulu and Leona.


  • Yther has a unique interest in unorthodox picks when it comes to champs in different roles, for example his HADOKEN AP Shyvana and Mega Flagman(AP Jarvan IV), and the legend of attack speed Nautilus. AP Vi
  • While Yther seems to be trolling alot he actually plays to win.
  • Yther hates draft racing, moreso since the surge of requests in the summer of 2013, which was inspired by Aminizle's video "how to draft race on Summoners rift". 
  • Yther is most famously known for drinking more tea then ganking.
  • Creator of How its like to play with "Player" video series from Aminizles YT
  • Main roles: Which role he feels for
  • Favorite champion(?): Fiddlesticks, Cassiopeia & Roaming Leona


  • When you get him in the mood of sadistic jokes there is no stopping him.
  • Aminizle's sugar-daddy when it comes to skins.
  • He claims his territory by gifting people skins and making them his property.
  • Favorite champions: Vayne and Riven.


  • Has a strange humor for Poo.
  • And have the best knock knock jokes .
  • Woodzor is a nice guy but easy distracted/provoked, especially when ganked a couple time.
  • Is commonly called Woody.
  • McWoodzor was almost going to make a Youtube series dedicated to different kinds of poo from diffrent animals, he canceled this idea because he was too lazy to gather the poo.
  • Property of Bmariuz.
  • Favorite champions: Singed, Fizz, Tryndamere and Thresh


  • Proud owner of the Tainz Simulator, his favourite pastime outside of LoL.
  • Tainz is the groups very own Eeyore he sounds sad but is often happy.
  • Main roles are Mid and Marksman.
  • Favorite Champs are: Zed, Orianna and Caitlyn.


  • Is the Irish member of the family, and is often referred to as Ashecrofturu by Aminizle.
  • Has been one of the older moderators for Aminizle, and was made one before Laiwizl (*smirk*). Had previous seemed to be Amin's first stream stalker before then.
  • Ashecroft's favourite champion is Shyvana, with Leona and Sivir being the champions he's loved playing most lately.
  • Ashecroft was introduced to Aminizle's channel after finding this video randomly on Youtube.
  • Suffers from a case of "Internet Family Attack" syndrome, and cannot play on many streams due to its severity.
  • Ashecroft is a Pokemon semi-expert, so questions involving them he'd be happy to answer!


  • This is the guy who owns this wiki and is a good friend to Aminizle and the family.
  • His main role is support but he can play everything but adc... he hates it.
  • He can also be extremely shy when it comes to talking with people.
  • He is 99%  of the time on the Aminizles Twitch chat but might be afk when the livestream is on or when he is at school.
  • Favorite champions: Shaco, Nidalee, Rengar just to name a "Few" of his favorite champs.